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Acidity, sulfites and some aspects of natural wines

Last week Raúl Bobet wrote an article in the Vilaviniteca Blog about some apects of natural wines. We’ve pasted here to share it whit you. We hope you can enjoy

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Article about Catalan Wines published at Wine Cellar

The Wines of Catalonia by Mort Hochstein The  Catalan region of Spain extends from the Pyrenees on the southern  border  of  France  and  through  much  of  northeast  Spain, embracing the industrial and touristic riches of Barcelona and reaching to the western shores of the Mediterranean. Its people consider themselves Catalan, not Spanish,  proudly  speaking  a rough textured language that had  been  denied  them  for 

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Castell d’Encus or Spanish wines touching the sky Winery

Article in Epicure Wines about Castell d’Encús The elevation of the property (850-1000 meters), the excellent sun exposure and large wooded area around it, along with its long history make

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