Jhana 2017

Handpicked harvest with small cases of 10 kg from grapes exclusively from our estate. The wine was fermented in stainless steel vats. The wine was aged during 4 months in French oak barrels of the Quest wine. After bottling, the wine ages for 2 months in the cellar.

Varieties: 90% merlot, 10% petit verdot.

Tasting notes

On the view – Light rosé
On the nose – Complex and intense with fresh cherry, red fruit and primary reminiscent of wild berries (currants, raspberry…).
In the mouth – The entrance is intense and very pleasant with density and a interesting glyceride point. We find in the aftertaste raspberry.
Aftertaste – Vivid, lively acidity and long with a good range of aromas.
Comments – This wine will develop in bottle the complexity of this kind of rosé wines.It hould be kept for years in bottle.

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